Learn, create, and hone your craft.

Creativity is foundational for creating new work and also–though it’s sometimes overlooked–how we learn and teach. Laura offers unique learning experiences in supportive and encouraging settings to give you what you need for your next creative endeavor.

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Group workshops:

Occasional writing for a family or friend group that wants to create poetry or short stories or remembrances for a particular occasion. Gather together in a home or public space and Laura will guide the group through warm-up exercises, story-building chats, and ultimately, participants will leave with a draft in their chosen genre. Think: wine and painting parties, but let’s paint with words! These get-togethers make great gifts as experiences or provide writing to share later. Imagine: writing for anniversary celebrations, family reunions, a milestone birthday, the birth of a baby, a going-away party.

Customized creative writing groups for group of people who want to learn how to write in a variety of genres. Laura will provide prompts, encouragement, and suggestions as the group moves through tailored writing exercises to stretch their creative muscles in the literary arts. 

Group or individual workshop:

Laura will consult with you to determine your goals for a given workshop, then will develop personalized exercises and feedback structures so you or your group can write and enjoy the process. 

Individual coaching:

You have something you are already writing, and you would like expert feedback on it. Laura will meet with you, walk through your work at a comfortable pace that will benefit your work as you continue to develop it. Sessions offered as single sessions or (for a discounted price) in a bundle of sessions. 

Individual writing development:

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to . . .  be a poet, write a short story, get your family’s history written down. Laura will work with you to develop your skills, organize your ideas, and refine your work so you can meet your writing goals.